Get to Know Aotea Shapes

Aotea Shapes is the creation of Liam Southall an ex pat Australian now living in the South Island of New Zealand. Liam was a late comer to snowboarding having spent most of his life in the snowless heat of Western Australia. He moved to New Zealand in 2005 and was looking for something to keep motivated over winter and found snowboarding.
As skills progressed, he started using his analytical mind to delve into board design. When shopping for a new board he challenged himself to build one. Which he did, then another, and another and on it went leading to the establishment of Aotea Shapes.
Aotea Shapes specialise in bespoke handmade snowboards working with our clients to create a design to suit them, their riding style, and their design tastes. We try to put a little bit of the stunning South Island of New Zealand into every board we craft.
We use premium materials in all the boards we build and where possible try to use New Zealand sourced material such as NZ grown poplar cores, NZ native timber sidewalls, and native veneer top sheets.


Aotea Shapes

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